Terms & Condition

I/we hereby declare that:

  1. The information provided in this application form and other related documents are true and correct and that i/we shall not withhold any information which might prejudice this application.
  2. I/we are not a bankrupt as defined under Section 3 of the Bankruptcy Act 1967. I/We shall notify the Bank within 7 days if I/we have been served with any legal action or bankruptcy proceeding.
  3. I/We hereby authorise Bank Kerjasama Rakyat Malaysia Berhad (Bank Rakyat) to obtain and verify information on me/us from the employer, any Financial Institution, Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia, the Central Credit Reference Information System (CCRIS), and from any source deems appropriate, for any information required by the Bank.
  4. I/We also confirm that my/our parent and/or child is not a staff of Bank Rakyat or its subsidiaries.
  5. I/We acknowledge that Bank Rakyat has the right to approve, reject or not accept my/our application without giving any reason.
  6. I/We hereby authorise Bank Rakyat to disclose information in respect of Bank Rakyat Credit Card-i or any of my/our account to Bank Negara Malaysia, third parties and/or agents appointed by Bank Rakyat as prescribed by law or otherwise.
  7. Bank Rakyat will not be liable, directly or indirectly, which caused by the said disclosure of information, either to me/us or any other party.
  8. I/We hereby agree to receive financing information including, reminder on balance of financing, arrears and other services and promotions offered by Bank Rakyat through communication channels such as Short Message System (SMS) or Email using the telephone number and email address as given in the application form. If I/we have changed phone numbers and email address, I/we agree to notify Bank Rakyat in writing or verbally for the purpose of updating.